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I have to tell you that I really liked this movie-- and I ended up loving it the second time I saw it. This movie just keeps growing for me. So, if you liked this movie, and from the fan rankings on Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB and YAHOO it's clear many fans did, then post about it. I guess I'm taking up the rallying cry posted on the Haven. If you liked this film-- let people know. Places like Zap (,0,2894216.s...
) get 20 comments on a story generally-- but if they get 100 comments (or really any number higher than 20) then the story isn't about mixed reviews (from people who clearly weren't paying attention in some cases), the story is about how much fans appreciated what they saw.

Every major and minor outlet has a comment section. Go post your reviews on Yahoo, Rotten Tomatoes, Ain't it Cool, etc but also CNN, MSN and the LA Times. Find Ebert and tell him that he's brilliant for getting it.

You can change the story.

We saw how quickly the fans became the story on Wednesday.

Edited on 8/9/2008 to Add: Here are the revised links that are still active from the posts below, and they include UK links now. They also include an amazing review that Alison posted up on the main welcome message. Keep adding more! We'll keep posting :),0,2894216.s...,,20215127,00.html

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Dude, I am all over this! Do you mind if I post these links on other sites, like XFN and XFU?
Not at all! The more people we can find, the better!

Raskolnikov said:
Dude, I am all over this! Do you mind if I post these links on other sites, like XFN and XFU?

Moviephone, Zap It, Rolling Stones, MSN, Movie Tickets, Fandango, and ABC links don't work.
Great idea, Kate! I'm in! :D
Awesome work guys! I love it!
P.S. 3,503 reviews on Fandango and the concensus is a "go" rating (as in, Go see this film). Yet what is on the front page? Two critics reviews. Grrr. When I rule the world....
Here's one more, if you are on AOL. It's a section called 'Should I spend money on this film'
Well, it's sort of working. Hardcore fans are coming out-- and they are posting about it, too! :)


"The hardcore `X-Files' fans, they're happy. And frankly, that's who the movie was made for," said Chris Aronson, distribution executive for 20th Century Fox.
I already made a post. Here is what I did:

So Worth The Wait!!!!

There are a lot of critics who seemed to watched a different film that I.

As a fan of the show since 1993, I can tell you most everything there is to know about the show, the creators, and actors.

The X-Files has always been about intelligence, science, love, trust in addition to creepy, spooky, eerie elements.

This new film is no different. While the plot to the common person is about a "Dr. Frankenstein and a psychic pedophile priest" it is actually about love: The relationship between the transporter and his boss (he would do ANYTHING to ensure his survival), the parallel of Dr. Scully's quest to save her patient, Christian (who is a replacement for her son William), and of course the intricate relationship between Mulder and Scully (there is NOTHING like their relationship in the history of TV).

If you go into this movie expecting large explosions, steamy sex scenes, CGI as the main plot, then expect disappointment. There is nothing mindless here.

If, however, you have the ability to follow a complex storyline with underlying plots, have some modicum of intelligence, then go see this film and tell your friends about it.

And you know what, even if you have no desire to see this film, help others out by buying a ticket to X Files and then go and see something else.
Some good news, I think, posted by Vivien over at the Haven.

Chris Aronson, Fox’s senior vice president for distribution, said that “X-Files” had also sold $9.3 million in tickets in its limited overseas release, and as a result, the $30 million movie “will be more than profitable at the end of the day.”

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