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Who do you want to see or not see in XF3 and why? Any story line ideas? Not that Frank and Chris need our help...

BTW: Frank, if you happen to be surfing your own forum, thanks for the wonderful job you have done over the years!

I personally would love to see:

1. Maggie Scully - cause every one needs their Mom. And she was so good to Mulder

2. Walter Skinner - Do I need to explain myself here?

3. Alvin Kersh - friend or foe? Alive or dead?

4. William Mulder - I think his powers have returned and would be instrumental for the 2012 storyline.

5. Gibson Praise - the predecessor to William (and Jeff Gulka was so cute as a kid)

6. Marita Covarrubias - friend or foe? Alive or dead?

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I agree with you Kerstin. There is so much that I would love to see touched on in 3. From characters, to the mythology, the consortium. So many thrashed IWTB, the whole point of that was to clear Mulder so that he could walk freely around. It also wasto show that the dynamic duo were still together, that they both still fight the darkness. As for characters I would love to meet Charles Scully. All of Scully's family have played pivotal roles in the series. Maggie, The Captain, Bill, Melissa. We first meet Charlie, his wife and two sons in Beyond the Sea at The Captains funeral. Than in Home Scully makes a referance to the movie Babe. We have met every Scully but Charlie. Why?? We were shown the extremely close bond between all the Scully's. I believe that we will meet him in 3 and he will play a pivotal role. I also believe that we will see Doggett and Reyes and that Skinner will have a much larger role than in IWTB. His apperance was to show that he was still with the FBI. Every scene in every episode and in both movies is done with the final culmination of the story in mind. Each unanswered question for us the fans, really has been answered but in different episodes. I believe that their sexual relationship began in the pilot. In Emily, Mulder tells the Judge that he suspected that Scully had been infertile since her abduction. Now seriously I have guy friends, and I don't give them the intimate details. But thinking about it, ok WHY would he suspect she was sterile??? Hello. okay off topic that was just an example of we have questions, we have already been given the answers. The Alien Human Replicants, are not what we think they are. I think we'll be seeing Billy Miles again. Well at least i'd like to think so................

I want to see Roy Thinnes return as Jeremiah Smith. I'm sure a way could be found for him to play a significant part in the story for the third film. His character just seemed to be 'getting there' when he disappeared yet again. He is an enigmatic alien and perhaps he could be some kind of explanatory voice from the alien side of things.


Mind you I'm a big fan of The Invaders which R.T. was in back in the 60s. I'd like to see somebody reactivate that concept (messrs Spotnitz & Carter et al?) and do a modern day successor series. A much older David Vincent (R.T.'s character) could still be central to the series, but with others around to assist. In 1995 a weird reinterpretation of The Invaders was produced as a three hour mini-series. Thinnes agreed to appear in this, but very much just as a cameo type role, in which he sort of handed the baton over to Scott Bakula's character. This was a curious kind of show, which lacked all the usual invader traits (bent pinkies; burning up when dying etc.; classic eerie flying saucers) and it would be a shame for that to be the last word on that great Quinn Martin show based upon Larry Cohen's ideas.


For me, The X-Files shares common ground with The Invaders. Not least the inclusion of Thinnes into the later seasons, but also the themes being dealt with (alien conspiracy). I know the Big Light team, and particularly Mr. Carter and Mr. Spotnitz like to work upon their own creations - but perhaps reviving a classic old 1960s show might prove to be just another vehicle worth considering?

Thank you for this traumcave!! I've been super busy lately, I was busy making cupcakes for a school birthday when you posted this. If you look at IMDb pro it says "Chris Carter is working a new project," but that requires a paid subscription.

But one in the dark can always hope!

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