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An X-Philes Ideal release date for the Emerging Truth of the Third (hopefully not last installment) of The X-Files franchie

Considering we really don't know if there is a script even written (I suspect there is.)

We don't know when they'd start filming ( I could see CC doing a little here, a little there you know keep us guessing, and the conspiracy flowing)

When would I like to see to The Third released in 2012?

Why How about Saturday October 13??

An X-Files Movie released on 10/13 why every phile who wears that badge would most definetly be there.

We wouldn't be picky, we wouldn't be competeing against the flavor of the summer fair of bubble gum, and sweetness. It would be the PERFECT opening weekend for those of us who still believe, have never given up,

and still seek the truth.

After all October IS for the ghosties, the goblins, the aliens....


Anyway for us to get the all powerful box office numbers:

"The trick is to be specific. To make the wish perfect. That way, everyone is going to benefit..." (Fox Mulder in Je Souhaite)

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I imagine the dates being looked at are some time in the summer of 2012 or winter of 2012 or possibly summer of 2013 depending on what else is hitting the box office during those times :) Keep in mind that a green light for IWTB was not announced until just weeks before filming began. Also keep in mind that you don't get a green light without a script :)

True, but still I honestly believe its been written and is being tweaked as we all band together and campaign for the third film. Remember IWTB was a few years late. With that being said My wish is CC would gift himself by releasing it that particular

weekend. We the faithful would like to see this hine. In the summer of 2012 we have GI Joe 2, Batman 3, Avengers, Battleship, Spiderman, As well as in 2012 we have the final installment of Harry Potter,Tranformers 3. On the line of aliens, those of us who followed all nine seasons and both movies. Those of us who BELIEVE in the 3rd film would see our beloved show come against "Family fair" (please I have 4 kids) At least X-files does not have to compete against Avatar 2. Thank you Mr.Cameron.

All I'm saying is an early Oct release would be refreshing instead of competeing against the big summer block busters. Give the movie a chance before it's made. Release it in the fall between the sugary, caffinated fair meant to amuse the kiddies, and the sweet and light holiday stuff,. You know away from the norm, better advertising budget,more commercials.

Chris Carter,Frank Spotnitz and David Duchovny may have 2 or 3 scripts on some shelf,after all if even the fans write fanfics ¡       What I would like is to be released simultaneously in several  countries. Not be released several months later,that`s annoying.

I Want To Believe....

Since we know 2012 will have come and gone with no movie in sight...I want to believe in the intelligence of  TPTB  and hope they make a movie with a 2013 release that celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Mulder - Scully partnership...  We now have the time to tweak the script's timeline and reflect upon say " the stalled invasion of 2012" and how Mulder, Scully and William ( and the rest of the gang) save the world again..!!   Wishful Thinking...

Don't Give Up

I Won't...;  )

I'm with you there Bev,

There is pleanty of time, and a look at 20 years of TXF would be just as well received. Frank did say there is more than hope, and thats what I cling too. The statement there is more than hope, tells me there is no room for not believing. See you in the theaters when it hits!

Bien , 2012 pasara y si el mundo no se acaba , llegaremos al 20 aniversario de nuestra serie favorita y el mejor homenaje que se puede hacer es la tercer pelicula. el 20 aniversario tiene que ser algo grande !!! Y en Hollywood todo es posible, o no ?

Well, 2012 happened and if the world does not end, we reach the 20th anniversary of our favorite series and the best tribute that can be done is the third movie. the 20 anniversary has to be something big! In Hollywood everything is possible, or not ???

I'm very disappointed in 20th Cebtury Fox on this one. Not just as a consumer but as a fan of the show and the entire journey that we have followed on TXF. When I say disappointed I mean really disappointed. I have four boys and the youngest two chose MIB3 for their movie night this month. Can we say boring? I caught myself literally falling asleep 6-7 times through out the movie. At one time it got so bad I told them I was going to the ladies room and left the theater walked next door to the bistro and got a cup of coffee. Repeatedly I had to get up and go to the ladies room and splash cold water on my face. They being 10 and 12 yrs old loved it. If I had worked all day I could have understood the put me to sleep effect the movie had on me, alas I had the day off so I had no real excuse. I'm disappointed that 20th Century felt that MIB3 was a finance worthy venture and yet they have repeatedly ignored the fans requests and desire for TXF3. This is a much more proven franchise then MIB yet is ignored. The thing that really boggles me and bothers me is they have every element that made this franchise so great onboard. From David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Chris Carter and Frank. Each element saying they would love to do a third movie. So many people say that IWTB was a failure. I don't understand that. From a financial prospect the studio doubled their money, that to me equals financial sucess. Then there were the it didn't have aliens people. As a long time viewer of the series we know TXF wasn't always about aliens or the conspiracy. Squeeze, Tooms, Beyond the Sea, Clyde Bruckmans Final Repose to name a few dealt with other aspects of paranormal. I got the subtle beauty of IWTB. It was to show that after so many years on the run and with a price on his head Mulder and Scully were still together. It was also used as a base to clear Mulder off the wanted lists. People also forgot this movie was late in the time line of release. It should have been released in 2002, 2003. It was late being made and released. My ultimate dream is that when we start seeing previews for CC's Fencewalker that it turns out to be XF3. But then again that is a dream. I really hope though that 20th Century doesn't drop the ball on the 20th anniversery of the show. It really would be a shame if they once again passed up an oppurtunity to give closure on this series. My second oldest son loves teasing me about my faithfulness to the series, but after watching season one with me he began to understand my love for the show and is now a fan himself. But than again 20th Century does own the rights, and it is their choice to either give it the final send off it deserves or to let it die a most painful and humilating death.

Hi Elizabeth

I just had to respond because you hit the nail on the head on so many things.  Lets talk common sense things.....

We have a fan base and  not just any fan base ....20 years of fans.....the original fan ( which includes myself) from 10 years ago....and the fans that became hooked yesterday.....not to mention the fact that this is a worldwide phenomenon....Lets forget the great story telling and directing  for a moment....what keeps attracting viewers is what they heard about the characters.....they want to see it for themselves and say " I get it now"......If for no other reason...Mulder and Scully deserve to " ride off into the sunset"....

As for TPTB  they know The X-Files help "make them" what they are today...they need to make an announcement that will not only boost DVD and "streaming sales" will start the "craze" all over again and The X-Files will become a buzz word all over again.


I am so with you there Bev, my 12 yr and 10 year olds ask if they can watch TXF when they are home from school sick. Thats why I am so disappointed in 20th Century Fox. We he original fans have brought along so many new fans. The other thing is we revolutionized fandom. Fanfiction written by X-Files fans revolutionized fandom as it is known. Fanfiction was published in book format to raise money for charity. And thats another thing TXF fans are always raising money under the name of TXF. We watched the show (Globally), we've purchased the movies (globally) someone even wrote down the names Mulder and Scully at a shrine for lovers to stay together forever. Sand castles, t-shirts, action figures, comic books, books, videos, dvds, We've bought it all because we love the show. I remember the very first time Deep Throat aired and I swore Mulder was going to kiss her neck or something equally romantic in the bar. I remember the first time I started seeing similarities to the mythology of Changing Woman and Sun father. Of all of the episodes I must say my favorite is Clyde Bruckmans Final Repose. The revaltion of pondering possibilities. It was truly a well written and executed episode. Sorry off topic. I hate to use the expression "owed." But in reality I feel 20th century truly does owe us. We did put them on the map, I remember standing in line to see "Fight the Future" when it came out in the theater and explaining over and over again that DD was Mulder and GA Scully to my nieces and nephews who I got roped into babysitting as well as my own two. I remember my then 3 yr old telling the ticket agent I was leaving his father for DD. (Died of mortification then and there) But again I digress. I guess what I'm trying to say Bev is that I don't understand the why of it. Why is the studio so dead set against a third movie? I mean they paid for MIB3 and trust me I would pay fivetimes over to see DD urinate all over that poster! It just doesn't make sense to me. How many shows can honestly say they have this large of a fanbase? How many shows can say they made the transition from small screen to large screen and back and survived it? I go to youtube and watch fanvideos, and bloopers and old interviews to show I still support TXF. I guess we all do, we've all read and admired our fair share of fanfiction. We've campaigned and begged and plead for the 3rd installment. I just don't get it!

It is so disappointing that in the year 2012 a year sacred to TXF fans that they dropped the ball and probably will not pick it up in time for the 20th anniversery. Oh I still believe and I won't give up, because if I give up they win, and the last thing I want is for them to win. Never giving up and refusing to let them win.... PHILES WE NEED YOU ON THIS ONE!!!

Absolutely agree with you.

Well here we are 12/22 and no third film. I am quite disappointed in 20th Century Fox, I'm disappointed in the powers that be.

Heck I'm just plain disappointed. For the lack of understanding on my part. I just don't get it. I really don't. Does anyone get it? And if you do please fill me in. I have never heard of campaigns to have a film made outside of The X-Files. I have never heard of walking away from easy money, especially in times of financial crisis as we are in now. I say easy money because I can't think of a single Phile who wouldn't be in the theaters. If the movie had dealt with what we knew of the date, the alien invasion of earth it would have drawn the box office numbers they would have been more then happy with. Personally I am so disgusted with 20th Century. Just once it would be nice if a corporation did something not for profit, but because it would make the people who have supported their franchises, and products. Obviously 20th Century will never make a third film, because it won't give them the payday they feel is worth their investment.

I'll be generous and give them until the 20th Anniversery to either Green light a third film or squash it all together. After all anything that would come after that would not be The X-Files or worth me spending the money on a ticket to see. Then I will put a ban on all things 20th Century in my home. It may sound petty to some, but how can I continue to support a company that obviously has no care for the efforts of my fellow Philes in getting a third film, or in the fact that in this time of financial crisis millions of individuals like myself would have gladly spent the (in my town 10.00 tickets) ticket cost to see the film on its debut and a few more times before it left theaters, and waited for its release on blu-ray and dvd. 20th Century Fox you dropped the ball. Obviously my few movie choices during the year will not impact your budget, or your sales. As a fan from the Pilot through I Want to Believe I don't count. As the mother of a four who is in charge of household expenses their spending doesn't impact you either.

Thank you for nothing 20th Century

How can we get FOX to green-light XF3?...publicity of course..We Philes have been doing just that but wait there's more... Remember those new X-Files comics...Not only are they a good idea for the continuation of the story-lines (CC is jumping on board providing feedback and suggestions) but they are a perfect way to get our "fix" and keep M & S's names current and out there and with signs from above "XF3 plot just fell from the sky in Russian city Chelyabinsk"..What else do you need??...Everybody's on board with this movie FOX...what are your waiting for...:  /

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