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...i'll be watching the movie on 30th of July!? Why so? Well, the release date, the official one, for Switzerland, is july 24th... but only for the german speaking part. The french speaking part will see the release on the 30th, just like France... I guess this is because of the language issues, but let's say I was really happy to see it on 24th..

I though of going to Bern, the capital, which is not that far from where I live but I wouldn't make it because of my work, I tried to have off on that day, but then I said to myself, you waited like what 6 years? 5 extra days wont kill me anyway.

So, I'll be going to watch The X-Files IWTB on july 30th, of course in english, and I simply can't wait for that to happen. Also, I had this XF2 Challenge going on and while preparing a mini-site to host the challenge, it gave me an idea of making my own site. So, I bought my domain name and it's already up and running, and I should start working on my site very soon. So make sure to check back.

Now, for all of you who read this, I won't be online for a while, at least not until I see the movie since I really don't wanna see or hear anything more then what I already know. I'll still check my messages and stuff, but won't go to any sites!!! Ahhh it's gonna be hard.

I wish you all a wonderful and great time at the movies, we have waited this long and I am sure it will be like in old days.

The truth is out there.


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Chris Hilliam replied to Alison Groves's discussion The Man in the High Castle
"I would love to see this new show. Can it be viewed in Canada? I can't get it through in Canada). How can I view the pilot? Any ideas? Chris Hilliam X-Files/Millenium/Hunted fan"
Jan 23
Mrs. Peabody replied to Alison Groves's discussion The Man in the High Castle
"I haven't yet! I will be tonight and will pop back with my thoughts. I am sooooo excited!!!"
Jan 21
orodromeus replied to Alison Groves's discussion The Man in the High Castle
"It was really good, true science fiction! The photography, production design, attention to details, the world-building were all of feature film quality and really excellent. The whole thing is set up in an excellent way. The only thing that bothered…"
Jan 21
Boston replied to Alison Groves's discussion The Man in the High Castle
"I loved it. It was beautifully shot. The writing was incredible. I love all the characters. Really I can't get enough of it. I want more. Which is really my only problem with it--that I can't have it all right now. Everyone needs to…"
Jan 20

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