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I've seen the movie 2 hours and 48 minutes ago and I am still blown away!! I am trying to analyise everything from the movie. Yes, I liked it!! I did very much.

First when the movie was announced, I was so excited and enthousiastic, like most of the fans. That excitment and the same enthousiasm were with me all the way, even after the movie ended. I didn't have the opportunity to see it before july 29th but I have seen some very very negative reviews and comments on the internet. I tried to stay as spoiler-free as possible, but I still wanted to read about people's reactions.

I came in to the big open-air theatre which is open only during the summer. The screening was one day before the actual opening in Switzerland and I knew I had to go see it one day earlier because I knew I wouldn't stand it anyv longer to wait. Well, all this negative comments, I ended up thinking most of the seats would be empty... but to my surpise, it was at 97% of occupancy. My best friend came with me, since this was a very important moment for me.

The audience was very excited, there were more then 300 people and it was really great to see all this folks there for the same reason like me. Young, older, girls and guys, all mixed up.

The screen went from the horizontal to a vertically position, accompaigned by orchestral music... a really huge screen, bigger then in ordinary theaters, then a guy came on the stage to welcome us all to the movie. The audience reactions were excellent, each time he mentioned "The X-Files" everyone was cheering and as he said he would now introduce us to the story, everyone was sort of yelling at him to stop hhehehe. Well, I am sure he knew what the reaction would be.

As the Fox logo was on and as the movie started people started cheering, it was a very special moment and it felt more like an old-reunion then just a simple movie. I was very excited to finally see Mulder and Scully again and I was not disappointed. There were some great reactiong throughout the movie and overall it was a great experience and I went home wanting more!!! I could never get enough of The X-Files anyways...

Tomorrow I am going to watch it again, bringing some more people with me this time.

After seing it, I admire even more CC and FS and especially DD and GA!!! A movie against all odds, with so less money, almost no promotion... it is a miracle we got it and plus an excellent one. Deeper then I imagined, smart and sexy. All I wanted to see.

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Chris Hilliam replied to Alison Groves's discussion The Man in the High Castle
"I would love to see this new show. Can it be viewed in Canada? I can't get it through in Canada). How can I view the pilot? Any ideas? Chris Hilliam X-Files/Millenium/Hunted fan"
Mrs. Peabody replied to Alison Groves's discussion The Man in the High Castle
"I haven't yet! I will be tonight and will pop back with my thoughts. I am sooooo excited!!!"
Jan 21
orodromeus replied to Alison Groves's discussion The Man in the High Castle
"It was really good, true science fiction! The photography, production design, attention to details, the world-building were all of feature film quality and really excellent. The whole thing is set up in an excellent way. The only thing that bothered…"
Jan 21
Boston replied to Alison Groves's discussion The Man in the High Castle
"I loved it. It was beautifully shot. The writing was incredible. I love all the characters. Really I can't get enough of it. I want more. Which is really my only problem with it--that I can't have it all right now. Everyone needs to…"
Jan 20

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